Vivobarefoot Primus Trail at Sole Mechanics

Our team are super knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to minimal footwear for all ages. We do our best to help all our customers find the perfect shoe. This month we have put together our top shoes for each of the brands we stock, as we wanted to share with you why we love them.
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Liam McLeod | Sole Mechanics Retail Team Member
At Sole Mechanics, we love knowing our customer's stories and we love sharing ours with them! When you’re in-store you'll see just how knowledgeable and excited our team are to have a chat, so don’t be afraid to ask them any questions or share your awesome adventures. 
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Maddy | Sole Mechanics Retail Team Member
We want you to get to know our amazing team on a more personal level and find out about their minimal shoe journey. Our team members all specialise in different areas and we love utilizing their knowledge and passions...
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