Sole Mechanics X StrutFit

Introducing StrutFit: Getting the perfect fit has never been easier!

With today's busy lifestyle, we don't always have time to get into the shops to try on shoes.
To make life easier, Sole Mechanics is introducing StrutFit. With one photograph, StrutFit will calculate your foot measurement and recommend a shoe size for each specific style - all from the comfort of your own home!
It's quick, easy, and can be used for all ages.




It's as Easy as Taking a Photo

  • Simply take a top down photo on a sheet of A4 (or Letter) paper.
  • StrutFit works with any smartphone.
  • Scan just once! Once you have scanned your foot, you'll be able to save your profile and use StrutFit every time you're shopping.

Personalised Size Recommendations

  • StrutFit uses the latest technology to get the key measurements from your feet, and suggest a size based on your personal measurements.
  • StrutFit recommends sizes depending on which brand you are looking at. 
  • Knowing how much room there is for your child’s foot to grow comfortably is crucial in deciding the right size. StrutFit allows for growth room making this buying process easy for you.

Try it today! Look for the What is my size? button while shopping.