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Resources and Partners of Sole Mechanics Footwear - The Natural Motion Specialists.
Beyond the orphanage Beyond the orphanage

Beyond the Orphanage

Ethiopia's orphans are some of the most vulnerable children on earth. With a unique support model, Beyond the Orphanageplaces at-risk orphans with families to become self-reliant adults. They are small enough to be there for each child, experienced enough to give the right support, and strong enough to help each child create the future that's right for them.  They are a non-profit and non-denominational and take children of any race, gender or physical or mental ability. Founded by Australian pilot, Geoff Hucker, Beyond The Orphanage helps to create real hope for orphaned children and their communities in Ethiopia.

Beyond the Orphanage is the beneficiary charity of the VIVOBAREFOOT Soul of Africa collection, where key styles are produced in Ethiopian factories using local resources and provide sustainable employment through Aid Through Trade. A portion of all profits at distribution and retailer levels from the sale of each pair of VIVOBAREFOOT Soul of Africa shoes in Australia goes towards the Beyond The Orphanage charity.

Australia Fitness Network Australia Fitness Network

Australian Fitness Network

Australian Fitness Network - or 'Network' as it is known - was launched in 1987 to service the needs of those working in the fitness industry including all areas of fitness, from facility owners and managers, to gym instructors and personal trainers.Network’s mission is to be the leading source of information, education and events in fitness. They’ve partnered with VIVOBAREFOOT to provide members with access to the VIVOBAREFOOT online module which teaches the skill and biomechanics of barefoot running technique.

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Enhance running Enhance running

Enhance running

Enhance Running was founded by international renowned sports chiropractor Pete Garbutt who has developed an extensive network of running technicians to help you improve your running technique to increase efficiency and decrease chances of running related injuries.

Through this network, we can help ensure you are getting the best advice and individual feedback on your running technique at a wide variety of locations across the country in addition to the evaluation and coaching sessions available through Sole Mechanics.

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