What is my Foot Health Rating?

We prioritise foot health and are committed to finding the perfect footwear for your foot shape and support requirements, all while promoting minimalist and natural movement.

Whether you are new to minimalist shoes, eager to try them out, or already deeply interested in foot health, our team is here to guide you in starting your journey and offer long-term strategies for maintaining optimal foot health!

  • Advanced / Healthy Feet

    Wide, healthy foot shape with ample room for toes.

    Straight big toe and evenly spaced toes

    Well-defined arch, not excessively high or low.

    Absence of recurring foot pain or injuries.

  • Transitioning / Functioning

    Moderately healthy foot shape with some room for improvement.

    Fairly straight big toe, with potential crowding of other toes.

    Arch may appear somewhat in-between, neither extremely low nor high.

    History of occasional foot pain or past injuries.

  • Beginner / Poorly Functioning

    Foot shape varies, possibly narrow, wide, or undefined.

    Potential presence of bunions or big toe pushing toward the second toe.

    Challenges with balance.

    Frequent foot pain and recurring injuries to the foot or lower limb.

Taking the First Steps


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Once you have finished the quiz, you will receive an email from us containing your results and recommendations on how to begin enhancing your foot health!

If you have any further queries regarding your foot rating, suitable footwear, or sizing, feel free to schedule a complimentary in-store or virtual appointment with our team.


We have personalised the shopping experience for you by categorising shoes based on your Foot Health Rating, as if they were handpicked off the shelf for you in-store.

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Completed the Quiz?

You are embarking on your foot health journey! After consulting with our team about your foot shape and size, delve into our handpicked collections from all our brands, tailored to your foot health rating. Keep up with our community's foot health tips and educational content by joining us on Instagram and tagging us. We'd love to follow along on your foot health adventure!