The Gobi Ladies hemp in the new Zinc (grey) and Pink isn’t only sustainable but a gorgeous shoe for all seasons. The woven hemp canvas provides a breathable, warm, and water-resistant shoe that’s great for any daily encounter during August and heading into the hopefully warmer months.

We in-store love this shoe to wear casually but can’t wait until we can travel again as it’s the best shoe for a lightweight shoe that can be used for everyday walking activities and then dressed up to wear out at night! We love that

VIVOBAREFOOT is a really sustainable brand and this shoe is an example of the innovative materials they use that we can’t wait to see more of.

VIVOBAREFOOT: Tempest Men's & Ladies

How cool are these new Tempest shoes? The feedback from customers is that they are loving this versatile VIVOBAREFOOT shoe with a collaborative sole that’s made from Michelin tyre materials.

The durable rubber outer sole is a new addition to the range making it great for on-road, off-road, and various water activities. The ESC Tempest was brought out as part of the Swim Run range that has enabled people worldwide to have a versatile shoe for running, walking, and swimming any day. It’s got an easy slip-on sock fit that is soft yet sturdy around the ankle.

The easy toggle lace holds the foot in place where it needs to for the foot to go through it’s most natural motion. In-store we love how groovy the Tempest is and think it looks awesome as a casual shoe or for a sporty look.




VIVOBERFOOT KIDS: Primus Sport Junior

We’re thrilled to see three new styles in the kid’s performance range this year. The Primus Junior Sport is the new addition to the VIVOBAREFOOT kids ranges with lace this time. For all those big kids or children wanting to be independent and tie their laces this is the shoe.

The Primus Sport has the well-loved VIVOBAREFOOT sole which is light, flexible, and designed to strengthen all children’s feet. At Sole Mechanics, we love to keep children in minimal footwear to promote healthier feet from an early age to help prevent injuries and issues later in life.

The Primus Sport is a darker navy to which helps hide any of the dirt or mess from having fun playing outside. We also love the funky coral pattern through the sides of the shoe. This all-rounder is perfect for any activity and fits the foot nicely with the neoprene hug around the ankle and solid laces to personalise the fit.



BOBUX: Tahoe Boot 

The Sole Mechanics team all agree the little Bobux Tahoe is the best winter boot for your little one on those cold days in August. Winter seems to be hanging around a lot longer these days (particularly if you’re in Melbourne).

Why not try this merino wool lined boot for ample foot regulation keeping in warmth if your child needs on those cold days.

The boot is super soft to stop discomfort from rubbing. We love the colours it comes in that suit all occasions. The adjustable velcro on the side is also a sweet bonus, meaning its adjustable for all kinds of feet!




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