Meet Nicholas | Hear How He "Values His Paws"

Meet Nicholas | Hear How He "Values His Paws"

My brother introduced me to Vivobarefoot footwear 5 years ago in-line with the growth of my liking toward minimalist and barefoot shoes. Living on the mid north coast in NSW, my family and I have always been active outdoorsy people.

"I spent most of my youth barefoot, no matter what the adventure - running, skating, surfing, bushwalking and exploring"

Primus Lite III

Nicholas is a Living Testament for when You Can't Be Barefoot, Be Vivobarefoot!

I was born with naturally wide and flat feet. Most people regard this as a disadvantage however I have always valued my paws. I have always been a barefoot beach runner, and it was my belief that my largely barefoot upbringing is the reason my arch naturally strengthened and raised. I do not suffer any issues that most folk blame their "flat feet" for, such as complaining of knee and hip joints issues.

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Wearing Vivos for 6 Months Can Improve Your Foot Strength by Up to 60%

I've managed to convert a few friends and colleagues towards Vivos and minimalist foot-shaped shoes with much positive feedback! I cannot fault my own experience with Vivos.I want to thank Vivobarefoot for the perfect shoe, especially for activity and running! I will continue to be a customer and encourage others to try and experience the benefits of the range! In fact, my old man just bought his first pair for CrossFit training and is absolutely loving them.

Experience Vivos for Yourself

Nicholas recommends Vivobarefoot. Are you interested in learning more about how Vivobarefoot and natural motion footwear can benefit your foot health?

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