The Benefits of Barefoot Hiking Shoes

The Benefits of Barefoot Hiking Shoes

Hiking is not only a great way to explore the outdoors but also an opportunity to strengthen and condition your feet and lower legs. Explore how Vivobarefoot's outdoor shoes engage the muscles, improve proprioception, and enhance overall foot fitness during your hiking adventures. 

Vivobarefoot Tracker Decon FG2

The Tracker Decon FG2 is for outdoor lovers who want to move with, not against, nature. A lighter, more flexible version of the original Tracker from Vivobarefoot, designed for exploring cityscapes or the wilds beyond with extra barefoot feeling. 

Hike free with barefoot hiking shoes that not only provide improved multi-terrain grip with their outsole but also bring extra flexibility through their upper, crafted from Woolmark® wool and wild hide leather. 


 Vivobarefoot Magna Lite SG

Carrying heavy gear can be a burden during hiking expeditions, but the Magna Lite SG hiking shoe offers a lightweight alternative. Perfect for spring and summer days that seamlessly blend life and adventure, whether you're strolling through the high street or exploring the hills. Not only are they lightweight, breathable, and robust but also crafted with animal-free materials, making them a sustainable choice for the environmentally conscious.

The Firm Ground Sole, meticulously crafted to provide exceptional traction and durability across various terrains. With its rubber compound, this sole ensures all-around grip for enhanced performance. Designed with a 2.5mm base and 4mm lug height, it maximises ground feel and grip on wet or dry, rocky or firm surfaces. The textured arch adds zonal grip, catering to the demands of technical trail movement.

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