Hammer Toe

Hammer Toe

Hammer toe is a deformity of the joint of the second, third or fourth toes causing them to be permanently bent.  

Symptoms may include: 

  • Evidence of toes clawing or crossing over each other 
  • Pain in toes 
  • Rigid and immobile toes 
  • Some difficulty in moving 
  • Change in walking gait  
  • Pressure on other areas from not loading the foot correctly 
  • Pain in ankles, knees or hips due to a change in movement patterns 
  • Development of corns and callouses 

You occasionally see this in children who are born with the condition. 

Possible causes include: 

  • Ill-fitting shoes – too tight, narrow or small 

A shoe with a wide toe box and thicker sole can help those suffering from hammer toes - the extra length and the soft upper in the shoe may help them feel more comfortable. 

Talk with a Sole Mechanics foot technician to discuss the shoe features that are right for you and discover foot comfort. 

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