Arthritis In Feet

Arthritis In Feet

Arthritis can be found in the ageing population however there can be other causes. It may develop through damage to the foot, injury or trauma. This can result in swelling and inflammation around the joints of the feet and ankles. 

Symptoms may include: 

  • Pain in your feet when moving 
  • Painful to touch,  
  • Difficulty in bearing weight on your feet  
  • Problems with movement and stability when walking

The most important thing you can do to protect your feet is to wear supportive shoes that fit your feet properly. Keep these tips in mind when buying new shoes:

  • Ask an experienced footwear sales person for help in choosing the right shoe and size. Remember, your shoe size may change if your feet are affected by arthritis.
  • Try shoes on with any insoles or orthoses you normally wear. Some orthoses may need extra depth, particularly in the toe area.
  • Your toes should not touch the end of your shoes as your toes or nails could become damaged. Make sure there is a 1cm gap at the end of your longest toe.
  • Look for shoes with synthetic or rubber soles for better grip and shock absorption.

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