Running Assessment

Are you a confident runner or just starting your running journey? Our new in-store smart insole system from Arion is the perfect way to assess your running technique and find the best shoes for your individual gait using next generation technology.

*We recommend wearing something comfortable and bringing your current runners to your appointment as there is a short run on our in-store treadmill. 

Book your free Arion appointment where we take you through:

  • Foot health assessment - using new technology including a pressure plate and 3D foot scanner to assess foot functionality and movement.
  • Transition advice - capitalising on our expertise and team of educators to guide you towards healthier movement patterns.
  • Functional fitting - finding the right shoe for your foot and journey.
  • Arion Run Session - Using insole technology and treadmill running we'll assess your current running technique and help find the correct footwear for your specific gait.

Any skill level can benefit and learn from the Arion run in-store experience.