What is a Pinch Callus?

What is a Pinch Callus?

A pinch callus is an area of hard, thickened skin on the foot formed in response to constant pressure and/or consistent friction, usually through ILL-FITTING SHOES.

We are naturally designed to move straight through our big toe. We have an amazing number of ligaments and tendons running under the foot and under the big toe, which help us push off the ground.

BUT your cushioned shoes are not allowing you complete range of motion, restricting movement through the big toe.

When wearing cushioned shoes, you move AROUND the big toe, instead of through it. When your foot hits the ground the foot turns OUT instead of having the foot facing forward.  You now have to move across the foot and toe off around the big toe. Skin on the side of the big toe is repetitively pinched, and then thickens for protection. This is how a pinch callus is formed.

What is a Pinch Callus?

Natural motion footwear allows the foot complete range or natural movement and are designed to engage the big toe in regular movement. Without the process of repeated harmful motion in cushioned shoes, the skin does not become thickened and pinch callus’ will not form.

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