The Sole Mechanics Team: Meet Maddy

Maddy | Sole Mechanics Retail Team Member

We want you to get to know our amazing team on a more personal level and find out about their minimal shoe journey. Our team members all specialise in different areas and we love utilizing their knowledge and passions.

If you've been in-store before you'll know just how educated and approachable our team are but here is a little more of in insight

Maddy at the Tori Gates in Japan wearing the Primus Trail in Indigo Sole Mechanics

IMAGE: Maddy at the Tori Gates in Japan wearing the
Primus Trail in Indigo


Today we'd like you to meet MADDY.

"Hey, I’m Maddy a recent graduate Chiropractor with a certificate III in personal training. I love everything from anatomy, biomechanics, and rehabilitation in the foot.
I have been working at Sole Mechanics since 2014 and am very passionate about the shoes we sell. I love finding the best fit and style for everyone that comes in.
My current working days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday's."

What is your barefoot shoe journey? How did you find out about Vivobarefoot and how have they impacted your life?
"I transitioned to VIVOBAREFOOT after being supported in orthotics for flat feet from a young age. In my later high school years after taking the orthotics out and wearing a pair of Nike Free's, I noticed my feet became stronger through movement. After more study on anatomy and rehabilitation, I transitioned to VIVOBAREFOOT and have never looked back. I love running, training and walking my dog in them."

What do you do in your minimal footwear?
"I love wearing the Primus Trail to take on any holiday. They are so lightweight, incredibly easy to throw in my carry-on or suitcase. I often use them for hiking purposes but also walking around on varied terrains and then going to the hotel gym's when I have a spare moment from lounging by the pool."

What do you love about working at Sole Mechanics?
"Sole Mechanics has such an inviting feel, and always smells good with fresh popcorn! I have loved sharing the journey and educating people on transitioning to barefoot. It is not a sales job but a job where we have fun and help people every day. Helping people is one of the foundation reasons why I have been with the Sole Mechanics team for over five years."

If you could give people one piece of advice when it comes to barefoot shoes, what would it be?
"Take it slow and listen to your body. Our bodies are designed to move and heal we just need to facilitate that through movement and strengthening. Our feet are so important and if we have nice strong healthy feet we will see the strength and postural changes throughout the body."

Tell us your favourite shoe in-store and why!
"I have fallen in love with the Gobi Hi Top since they first arrived. The thermal and soft lining inside keeps my feet warm in winter and they were a dream to travel a European winter back in 2015. Their ability to look casual, be dressed up or tread through rough terrain is amazing."

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Maddy a little better, next time you're in-store don't be afraid to say hey (she won't bite- we promise!).