The Sole Mechanics Team: Meet Liam McLeod

Liam McLeod | Sole Mechanics Retail Team Member

At Sole Mechanics, we love knowing our customer's stories and we love sharing ours with them! When you’re in-store you'll see just how knowledgeable and excited our team are to have a chat, so don’t be afraid to ask them any questions or share your awesome adventures.

Today we'd like to introduce LIAM (yes, we have two Liam’s in-store).

IMAGE: Liam showing us his stuff whilst wearing the Primus Lite in white.

“Hey I’m Liam I’m currently at University studying Marketing and have just started working at Sole Mechanics part-time. I enjoy all things health and exercise and spend most of my spare time being active and outdoors”

What is your barefoot shoe journey? How did you find out about Vivobarefoot and how have they impacted your life?
“I swam competitively for about 8 years which demanded 6 to 9 training sessions a week. None of this was a weight-bearing exercise which made my feet relatively weak. After I stopped swimming I begun to transition into running, however, I struggled with shin splints and couldn’t run very far. Some research on running technique resulted in my discovery of barefoot running and minimalist shoes. I bought a pair of Primus Lite in May 2019 and was able to run pain-free immediately.”

What do you do in your minimal footwear?
“I wear Vivobarefoot shoes every day and use my Primus lite for running and wear them in the gym. Since I have only been wearing them for about 5 months, I’m still strengthening my feet and legs so I can move naturally, my goal is to finish a 100-mile race. Learning the correct running technique has helped me improve quickly since I have recently done a 50KM run and plan to exceed that distance in the near future. I wear my Primus Knit shoes in the store and for everyday use.”

What do you love about working at Sole Mechanics?
“I like selling a product that I’m passionate about, which helps people strengthen their feet and allows for natural and comfortable movement plus decreases the chance of some injuries.”

If you could give people one piece of advice when it comes to barefoot shoes, what would it be?
“The advice I give to most people is to transition responsibly, meaning you should listen to your body. If your feet are hurting, don’t keep pushing. Regular shoes restrict movement in your feet making them weak, it takes time to build the strength back up and doing too much too soon, could lead to injuries if your feet can’t keep up with your demands.”

Tell us your favourite shoe in-store and why!
“My favourite shoe is the Primus Lite, I love how light and flexible it is and it was also my first shoe which started my barefoot journey.”

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Liam, next time you're in-store don't be afraid to say hey, his always up for a chat, especially when it comes to Vivo’s.