The Sole Mechanics Team: Meet Liam

Liam | Sole Mechanics Retail Team Member

We are lucky enough to have a team made up studying health professionals and we love to educate our customers not just sell shoes. Our team is genuinely passionate about the shoes we sell (which I’m sure you’ll already know if you’ve visited us) and we all love what the store is about - MOVEMENT. We want you to get to know our amazing team and find out why they love being part of the team.

Today we'd like to introduce LIAM.

Image: Liam on his hike in Chile wearing the Tracker Boot in brown.

“Hi, I’m Liam, I’m 22 and am currently finishing my 3rd year of Osteopathy, studying in the city. I’m super passionate about the human body, movement and health. I’ve been working at Sole Mechanics for nearly 2 years now and love everything about the brand and their outlook on sustainable shoes that allow our feet to move how nature intended. You can find me in-store every Friday and Saturday!”

What is your barefoot shoe journey? How did you find out about Vivobarefoot and how have they impacted your life?
“My dad introduced me to the store and the brand, which coincided with me progressing my running and moving towards a more minimalistic shoe. I’ve been into strength and conditioning, health and running for as long as I can remember and have never prioritized my foot health. Our only contact with the ground is our feet, and since wearing Vivobarefoot shoes, and spending more time barefoot; I have a far stronger base of support while doing wonders for injury prevention. I have an ever-growing collection of Vivobarefoot shoes now, letting me strengthen my feet and ‘feel’ barefoot, out and about, at Uni or while at the gym, I love them!”

What do you do in your minimal footwear?
“I have done 2 long multi-day hikes in the VIVOBAREFOOT Tracker, being Everest Base Camp and the Torres Del Paine circuit in Patagonia, Chile. The best part is that they are lightweight enough to wear casually with jeans, without looking out of place.”

What do you love about working at Sole Mechanics?
“Honestly, it’s the people and lives that we can change, through these shoes. Whether it’s the progressive health practitioner or the unknowing walk-by customer, I love educating people on foot health and the human body. It really doesn’t feel like work is the thing, as it aligns so closely with my future profession as an Osteopath, helping people become more aware, educating and facilitating health through footwear.”

If you could give people one piece of advice when it comes to barefoot shoes, what would it be?
“Invest in your feet. Vivobarefoot shoes are a long-term solution, contrary to the traditional short term fix that orthotics, supports and cushioning provides. My specific running advice is that these shoes allow you to strengthen your feet all day, but slow integration into your life is important. If you have spent most of your life in narrow, cushioned and supportive shoes (unfortunately this predominates the western society), then reversing into a more natural minimal shoe takes time. Invest in your feet, the health benefits pay off exponentially.”

Tell us your favourite shoe in-store and why!
“It’s a battle between the primus lite (I wear it every day) and the Tracker.
The tracker takes the cake, due to the versatility as a travel/hiking/day-to-day shoe!”

Hopefully, you've enjoyed getting to know Liam, his always up for a chat in-store and loves sharing his knowledge and educating customers on all things health and wellness. Next time you pop by feel free to ask him any questions you have.