The Sole Mechanics Team: Meet Jordy

The Sole Mechanics Team: Meet Jordy

We’re all about community at Sole Mechanics so we want you to get to know our team on a more personal level.

Today we’d love to introduce you all to the latest member of our in-store team of educators. Meet Jordan!

Jordy walking in the middle of the road looking up at a tree while wearing his VIVOBAREFOOT PRIMUS TRAIL FG MENS in OBSIDIAN black

IMAGE: Jordy taking a stroll in his Vivobarefoot Primus Lites in Obsidian Black

What is your barefoot shoe journey? How did you find out about Vivobarefoot and how have they impacted your life?

"My minimal shoe journey has been pretty short. I got into my first pair of Vivobarefoot Primus Lite's in December 2019 (as a Christmas present) and have just loved the barefoot feeling ever since. I found out about the brand through my sister who absolutely loves barefoot living!

They've positively impacted me because I have always been very interested in being the best version of myself and I believe wearing Vivo's lets your body be the best and healthiest version. I also have found I spend a lot more time focusing on making sure my feet have the right footwear and am regularly doing exercises to strengthen my feet because they are a muscle too, just like you do weights at the gym for your biceps."

What do you do in your minimal footwear?

"I have just recently started to run in them which is awesome because now I’m getting the feedback which is helping me retrain my body for a better and more efficient movement/running style, for me it’s making running a lot easier and more fun."

What do you love about working at Sole Mechanics?

"The community around Sole Mechanics is one of the best parts, it's such a vibrant business to be apart of! Doing something which educates the wider community on their options for foot health is super fulfilling and motivating."

If you could give people one piece of advice when it comes to barefoot shoes, what would it be?

“It's a journey. You must take your time when getting into a pair of barefoot shoes as you need to let your body adapt and listen to what it needs. The transition of jumping from a padded shoe towards a minimalist shoe takes time, don't rush it."

Tell us your favourite shoe and why!

"At the moment I am so obsessed with the Vivobarefoot Primus Trail FG in Obsidian Black because they are such a sleek, classy and practical shoe. I have just started to run in them and they're super comfy."

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Jordan, next time you're in-store don't be afraid to say hey, he's always up for a chat about healthy feet and minimal footwear!

IMAGE: Jordy enjoying a day out by the beach in his Vivobarefoot Primus Lites in Obsidian Black