The Sole Mechanics Team: Meet Georgia

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At Sole Mechanics, we love how each of our team members have unique knowledge when it comes to minimal shoes. When you come in-store you'll notice just how passionate and knowledgeable our team are about the shoes we sell. We want you to get to know our amazing team and find out about their barefoot journeys.

So, today we'd like to introduce GEORGIA.

Meet Sole Mechanics' Store Manager - Georgia.

image: Georgia in-store wearing the Primus Lite in all white.

"Hey, my name is Georgia and I work in store full time as the retail manager. I have been working at Sole Mechanics for a year and a half and became manager 8 months ago. I am also currently studying Business Management at Monash University and my weekends usually consist of dinner and drinks with friends."

What is your barefoot shoe journey? How did you find out about Vivobarefoot and how have they impacted your life?
"I found out about Vivobarefoot shoes in January 2018 when I was travelling through Europe. There I met one of my now, colleague, Liam, and we hit it off as great friends. As it turned out, he lived around the corner from me back in Melbourne and we started going to the gym together. He would train in his Vivobarefoot Primus Lite. I was extremely interested and decided to get a pair for myself. I started just training in them and am now in them 90% of the time. The last 10% I'm usually in heels for when I go out at night. Life's about balance hey?"

What do you do in your minimal footwear?
"I have a love for the gym and training and have competed in Powerlifting a few times in my Kanna's. My favourite memory would have to be getting 3 Powerlifting world records in these shoes."

What do you love about working at Sole Mechanics?
"I love being located on sunny Hampton Street with ample great coffee spots, alongside an awesome team and for a sustainable company that I am extremely passionate about."

If you could give people one piece of advice when it comes to barefoot shoes, what would it be?
"Take it slow, good things take time. For someone coming out of built-up shoes with incredible weak feet, the transition for me was hard. I had to start by just wearing them at the gym and then progressively increase the amount of time I was spending in the shoes. Look after your feet; massage them and rest them."

Tell us your favourite shoe in-store and why!
"Kanna black! I have had a pair for over a year and a half and live in them all year round. The most versatile shoe I own; I can wear them to work, uni, with friends and to the gym."

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Georgia, next time you're in-store don't be afraid to say hey, she's always up for a chat and is in store most days.

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