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Our Company Mission at Sole Mechanics is to reinstate Natural Movement,
 To let your Foot do its thing through Natural Motion Footwear.

The Human Body was a functioning masterpiece; but as we hit
the information Age with an increasingly unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle,
we have become what we call a Zoo Human.
All Humans need to reinstate naturally to increase lower limb strength,
improve posture and for better efficiency and performance.
We call this process Human Renewal.

For children we want them to remain un-compromised, to use
WHAT YA MUMMA GAVE YA! and help children reach each required milestone.

A growing army of medical practitioners, personal trainers and coaches
agree that barefoot is best adults and children for work, rest and play.

Sole Mechanics specialise in Human Renewal and the Mechanics
can help you on your journey to reinstate natural movement.
As the old adage states, use it or lose it but its not always as easy as it sounds.
The Mechanics can help you on your transition and help you to live pure.

This is why we stock only the best Natural Motion Footwear
such as VIVOBAREFOOT, NIKE FREE & BOBUX. Providing healthy feet for all ages. 

Natural Motion Footwear is a type of shoe that aims to emulate the barefoot experience, no matter what age you are. It should allow for key things such as:



Engaging the Big Toe and Body's kinetic chain used in movement.



By allowing as many of the foot's 200,000 nerve ending's to send info back to the brain.



Using the foot's Natural Muscles, Tendons and Ligaments.

To achieve this, certain elements should be considered in design and choice of footwear:


The difference in thickness between heel and thickness in toe area. Ideally zero or no more than 6mm to allow the foot to naturally support load in movement.


Look for a shoe that is flexible in all directions rather than rigid underfoot with little to no toe spring to allow your foot to move correctly.


Lightweight - under 300 grams on average for running shoes.


No motion or stability control as this interferes with natural foot function when weight bearing.


for peace of mind that you can run on any terrain without fear of the environment tearing up the soles of your feet, especially in urban and off road areas.

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