Staying Fit This Festive Season

Tips for Staying Fit This Festive Season

The silly season may have started but that's no reason to let all of your fitness goals fall to the wayside.  Below are some easy tips that can help you to keep fit this festive season, while still having fun. No FOMO here!

The holidays don't have to fill you with dread. There's nowhere to hide with cake and cookies everywhere, and the rain, heat and humidity have killed your determination to run! With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is easy for an established exercise regime to get lost or an ice-cream to become everyday diet staples. These tips can help you create a holiday fitness schedule before the fat man comes down the proverbial chimney and more than an eyeful of treats are brought out to tempt you.

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It's OK to be a Little Silly this Season

Whether you have time off with friends or a have a large family gathering coming up, getting out and about and trying things you might not do in your usual routine can create some great social activities as well as keeping fit - without feeling like a workout. Plus it's the perfect excuse to spend some quality time with those you care about and create lasting memories.

Wear That Reward Outfit

Did you set yourself a goal this year with the reward of a new outfit or new workout gear? Well now is a good time to show off your hard work and give yourself that pat on the back.  With plenty of end of year sales, it's a great time to pick up a bargain whether it's new shoes (we can help with that!) or an outfit that makes you feel amazing on the inside as you look on the outside.

Should I eat that?

Allergies and diets aside, one way to tackle the question - should I eat that? can be a matter of perspective. Is it your grandma's secret recipe that only comes out at this time of year? Or is it a large second helping of something you could easily get your hands on at any time of year? If it's something special and savoured, perhaps it's not that bad after all...

What if I eat beforehand?

This ,doesn't guarantee you won't eat twice. Especially if the spread is amazeballs. If you do want to ensure you're not champing at the bit before you arrive for the holiday party, look for a healthy, high protein, high fibre snack that can help satisfy you enough to let some of those not-so-healthy treats pass by, while still allowing you to enjoy the food provided. And don't risk insulting the host due to you steadfastness in sticking to your diet, no matter the occasion.

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Stay consistent, even if it's not as intense

There are a number of cliches we can add here but the main ones we'd like to remind you of are a) be kind to yourself - don't beat yourself up if your routine has to change for family plans (it will) and b) the little things can add up. So when you find yourself down on yourself because you have to mix things up a little, use this as an opportunity to share your ideas and workout ideas with you're friends and family. Think early morning yoga with the girls, or an exploratory walk with the boys or join in when your kids are playing Frisbee or offer to help teach the kids the rules of cricket - outdoors, by showing them. The usual isn't the be all and end all; you'll be surprised how the small efforts to keep moving can help keep you in shape this festive season.

Got other ideas to keep fit and fancy free this festive season? We'd love to hear them!