Rave Reviews for New Zealand Store


We’ve only just opened our New Zealand store and already have started to receive fan mail from (hopefully) a few of our long term customers! Take Scott for example - he is a young, active man who came into the store in search of a solution to help help him walk better after an unfortunate surfing accident sliced through the bottom of his foot.

Managing Director and instore Running Coach Dave Rayner assisted him that day and was able to advise him on some options and to Scott’s great relief, found some shoes that were able to provide almost instantaneous relief. Thanks for the feedback Scott and we hope to see you in the surf again soon!

Kia Ora Dave and the rest of the team at Sole Mechanics,

I want to thank you for giving me some of the best advice I have received to date regarding footwear and the effects that run from your feet to the rest of the body.

To give you a better background about myself I am a very active person and love my body being in constant motion.

A recent surfing injury left me with a nasty 5cm laceration in the arch of my right foot leaving me unable to walk for 6 weeks. I spent those 6 weeks on crutches and remained shoeless on my right foot for the entire period. When it finally came to donning a shoe and attempting to walk again, my excitement was immediately crushed by the triggers of pain that ran through my foot. My injury had left me with some serious scar tissue, slight swelling and nerve damage creating numb patches on the bottom of my foot. It became readily apparent that wearing my regular shoes with any sort of arch support was not going to be an option for quite some time.

This was the start of my journey into alternative footwear and discovery of Sole Mechanics. After hobbling into the store on a pair of commercially popular branded shoes, which provided ample support (the brand I won’t mention), I started chatting to Dave about my issues and need for footwear that wouldn’t create pain every time I applied pressure through my step. His knowledge he shared and attitude towards footwear and the effects on the human body was fantastic, it is what I truly believe every person who sells a product or service should attempt to be like.

It was from here that he suggested I try on some Vivobarefoot shoes. They were refined and simple yet incredibly good looking. These shoes being low to the ground with minimal cushing and zero pitch made me think they would cause me all sorts of grief, however, they were the one pair of shoes that I could rest my foot in without a hint of pain or discomfort. My feet were so happy in these shoes that I was able to walk in a normal fashion immediately. The shape of the shoe allowed my toes to spread out as they were designed to do and the minimalist sole allowed the foot to receive feedback of everything that was going on beneath me.

It has been 3 weeks since I confidently walk out of Sole Mechanics. In this short space of time I have been able to gradually walk further and get back to doing some of my regular activities.  I believe that it won’t be too long until I am able to get back into my training regime without a hint of discomfort. I can feel the muscles in my feet firing like they have never done before. In the past they never had to, they were lazy and my shoes did all the work. My body is now adjusting itself changing my posture, strides and balance for the better.

I truly hope people take the time to go down and talk to the team at Sole Mechanics, even if it is just out of curiosity.

Thanks you once again guys, you have ruined me for other footwear and I am not at all disappointed!